Thursday, 14 November 2019


Watch “TRANSFORMING an $8,000 Compliance Fee into a $28,000 Compliance Fee - THE MORGAN CASE STUDY"

Pivotal to my 1-Day Intensive Workshop, is where I take owners of accounting firms through, The Morgan Case Study.

This was an actual NEW fee-sensitive client (names etc changed of course) that I had where I quadrupled (4 X) his company annual compliance fee from what he was paying his previous accountant, to what he then paid me - AND ONLY ADDED AN EXTRA 2 HOURS ON THE JOB! See what I did.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

NEARLY CRASHED MY CAR! - Bringing You This Tip: 3 Hours Work = $6,000 Compliance Fee!

Watch “3 Hours Work = $6,000 Compliance Fee"

Doing 110 kilometres PER HOUR Explaining How to Get $2,000 PER HOUR!
Driving back from a client's office on the Gold Coast where I just showed them HOW TO GET $2,000 Average Hourly Rate on some of their compliance work. Here is the example where I did 3 hours worth of work for a past client and charged a $6,000 FEE AND the client WAS DELIGHTED.
Watch all the video so you can get ALL the tips on how you can do this too.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Do You Want $400,000 in FREE Fees? - How to Easily Get Them - Here's the Proof

No BS - This is what the partners of one accounting firm came up with in FREE fees they could have had last year after I showed them how to find it in their own firm in less than 30 minutes. They then did what I told them to and grabbed an extra $350,000 in fees by June 2019 this year. How much are you missing out on? Come to my evening Knowledge Workshop and I'll show you how much your firm could get in FREE FEES this year. You have a lot to lose if you don't attend.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

DON’T SHOW ME THE MONEY? - How to Get Clients to Pay You - FAST!


This simple, 3-Step approach made my client's literally "rush" to pay my fees, 100% upfront, before I started their work. It's longer than my normal videos BUT please watch it to the end. It will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. 

Come to my evening Knowledge Workshop and learn how to get rid of clients like "Bob" AND have all your clients gladly "rushing" to pay your fees 100% upfront, EVERY TIME.

CLICK HERE to reserve your FREE seat :

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PAN Award