Thursday, 13 December 2018


Thanks Matthew and all the team for allowing me to present my 1-Day workshop "How to Build a Value-Based Accounting Firm" last week. I know Matt was a bit sceptical at first on some of the claims I made before the workshop. BUT he certainly needed no convincing after of the huge potential his firm has to grow organically in the next 12-18 months without acquiring one new client OR spending a single $ on marketing.

They especially loved the segment on "How to Triple an annual compliance fee when the work has remained the same as last year!" If you missed out then click here and get the FREE Strategy Guide for this segment.

This firm on the Sunshine Coast was already ahead of the competition. Now I've put them light-years ahead.

Maybe I can do the same for your accounting firm? hashtagpublicpractice hashtagaccountingfirm hashtagvaluepropositions hashtagvalueaddedservicesvas

Sunday, 2 December 2018


I am going to show you my proven, guaranteed process for making even your most whinging, whining, fee-sensitive clients say that you are still too cheap after you have just tripled their annual compliance fee for the same amount of annual work. MY STORY : We all know the types of clients I am talking about. Each year they hold a gun to our heads, threatening they are going to go somewhere else and bully us if we don’t either keep their accounting fees the same or reduce them. I was sick of dealing with these types of bullying and threatening clients. I used to hate them. They were pains in the “you know what”, and I avoided them like the plague, until one day I had a revelation, and this revelation turned my way of thinking completely on its head. I've put all the details into my latest Strategy Guide #82. To get my Strategy Guide for FREE click here: Give me my FREE Strategy Guide

Sunday, 28 October 2018


SO HOW DO YOU CHARGE UPWARDS OF $1,000 FOR YOUR CLIENT'S ASIC ANNUAL COMPANY REVIEW WORK? Now I go into a lot more detail in my 1-Day Intensive Workshop. But I have created a FREE Strategy Guide for you that outlines the fundamentals of increasing what you charge for this annual service. Does it work? Well one of my accounting firm clients just rolled out what I showed them in my workshop and they tripled the ASIC fee. It went from FREE (yes you heard it correct. They weren't charging for it!) to $300 plus GST. That's just their fee, NOT including what ASIC charges. They have around 300 companies that they are the registered office for. They have done roughly around 180 Annual Review downloads to date and only one, yes only one client complained. So they are on track to earn an additional $90,000 in fees. BUT a word of caution here: You could try and do this yourself and get EVERY client complaining. Maybe your firm should attend my workshop. Maybe your competitors already have... To get my Strategy Guide for FREE. Click here:

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Why Bother? - When I've done all the hard work for you!

So what has Sylvester the Cat got for you? 

Over 700 value-based templates, client fee estimate letters, value paragraphs, proposal letters, checklists, strategy tips and implementation tools. All tried and proven to organically grow your accounting firm WITHOUT a single dollar spent on marketing. 

You get all this and more as an added bonus when your accounting firm undertakes my 1-Day Intensive Workshop. No secrets. No fluff. No BS. Just the "do this cause it works." Your competitors will think you "desthpicable!" But who cares? 

Get one of these Strategy Guides for FREE. Click here to get: I want my FREE Strategy Guide

Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Tough Day at the Office

Life's tough when your office for the day looks like this - North Lakes Conference Centre, Brisbane. Just took the team from Johnson Accounting, North Lakes through my 1-Day Workshop - How to Build a Value-Based Accounting Firm. “I can highly recommend Matthew’s one day workshop to any public practice. The content is first class and Matthew is a very engaging presenter. I can best summarise the day as a Masterclass in how to build a highly successful and profitable accounting firm from someone who has been there and done it themselves. There is no fluff, just real-world case studies and tools. You walk away with an excited and motivated team, a toolkit of resources and a plan of action ready to implement.”
Brett Johnson, Founder - Johnson Accounting. Maybe I can do the same for your accounting firm. hashtagpublicpractice hashtagaccountingfirm hashtagvaluepropositions hashtagvalueaddedservicesvas

Monday, 24 September 2018

My Bulletproof Engagement Letter (Do this, thank me later)

The Bulletproof Engagement Letter 

I have seen some terrible Engagement Letters prepared by accountants, and to my horror, I've even seen many accounting firms not using Engagement Letters at all! So let’s clear this up straight away:

“If you are providing professional accounting services to the public, you MUST communicate to your client the terms of the engagement. It is an ethical and professional requirement. You will lose your membership and practising certificate if you breach this requirement.”

So here’s the boring legal stuff:  If you are in public practice (sole practitioners included) and you don’t believe you need to prepare a document to communicate to your client the terms of engagement, then I refer you to APS305 – Terms of Engagement.  This document clearly states that if you are providing professional accounting services to the public, then it is mandatory that you follow APS305, in that you must provide some form of written document outlining your Terms of Engagement to your clients.  I am still surprised today the number of accounting firms, especially sole practitioners, and even multi-partner firms, who do not think they need to prepare some form of written communication, AND get their clients’ to sign off on it before they start any work.

BUT here’s the problem – You can’t be bothered because it is a legal, boring and onerous task that you would rather not do. Maybe it’s up there with things you want to avoid like going to confession or visiting the dentist.
So let me make it easy for you.

So here’s the good “What’s in it for me?” stuff: In my 20 years in public practice, my “Bulletproof” Engagement Letter has made me money and saved me money. A lot of money! You need to switch your mindset and think that by having a solid, well worded, plain English, often reviewed and regularly revised Engagement Letter as a critical tool in your arsenal, you are protecting your hard earned accounting fees and your business.
The Engagement Letter, in my opinion has only two purposes and they are very selfish purposes that all accountants must embrace:

1.        To make you Money
2.        To save you Money

You’re in business aren’t you? So the above 2 points are vital aren’t they? Good, if they aren’t then you shouldn’t be in business.

So, if you want to know more, then get my FREE TIP SHEET that will give you the specific wording and paragraphs to use so you too can create a Bulletproof Engagement Letter.


Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Another $150,000 in Organic fees WITHOUT a $1 spent on marketing!

Welcome aboard Fusion Financial Group! Tim and Paul have a great firm and a great team of people. They are (and I am too) really excited about the future and the huge organic growth we are going to create in the next 2-3 years without a single $ spent on marketing. That's what you want and that's what I teach.

I've just finished running my 1-Day Intensive Workshop "How to Build a Value-Based Accounting Firm" with this great accounting firm in Ipswich. One outcome (of many) was their first project that will create at least $150,000 worth of new accounting fees straight away with ZERO spent on marketing etc.  This is the picture of the whiteboard from the afternoon session of my workshop and there, slap bang in the middle is the "conservative" amount that I wrote that is just what this one project will generate in fees for them. We have a good 2-3 years worth of organic growth to delve into and this is just the beginning.

Imagine what I could do for your accounting firm? The investment is minimal. The long term organic growth is huge. I love doing this stuff for accountants.  

PAN Award

PAN Award