Thursday, 23 June 2011


It is interesting when I talk to a lot of business clients, only to find out that they take fewer holidays then their staff.  Is this the same for you?  Is your staff taking more holidays than you throughout the year, and are you working more hours than them?  It is you who has all the risk, has all the stress, deals with disgruntled customers, debtors, creditors, and the risks of putting your house on the line to fund your business, yet you get rewarded the least within your business.

The last 12 months I am amazed at the number of business owners who I have come across who either don’t take annual leave or only take a few days here and there.  Many owners to their horror discover in fact that they are one of the lowest paid workers within their own business!  This needs to change and are you guilty of this?  Why are you selling yourself short when in fact it is your business and it should be run on your terms.

We have worked with numerous business owners to achieve growth in sales, growth in profit, growth in cash flow so they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work, be well paid and take holidays.    When will you take control of your business?  Are you a slave to your business, is the business providing enough rewards for all the risk you take? 

If you need help in improving your business performance so that you can build your business so that it provides you with the return that you deserve and the rewards for all your hard work, then please contact me.  We have helped hundreds of businesses in the past to achieve this.

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