Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Kicking Goals

I've been playing 7-aside soccer for the last 5 years in the Griffith Uni Mens Comp on a Sunday afternoon.  Most of us are over 40 and play against faster, younger and fitter teams comprised mainly of Uni students, not a easy task let me tell you. I set a target this season to score 3 goals, more than I had ever in total for the last 5 years. I guess I wanted to see if I could do it. I reached this target last week in the second last game. I've been thinking about how I did it, and why I couldn't do it last season or last year. Then I realsed what I had done differently this season. There was no special skills, or additional training.  I actually wrote down on my white board in my home office "Score 3 goals in soccer this season". I was forced to look at this everyday on the white board as I walked by. I had a target, and after looking at this repeatedly, subconscously my mind worked out a way how to do it. If you want to achieve something strongly enough, you will figure out a way how to do it.

I had to put myself into a position to score a goal. You can't score from the halfway line (Unless your are David Beckham!) you can't score from hanging around in defence, and you certainly can't score of you don't turn up to play. You must put yourself in a position to score. Most people don't, then they wonder why they never kick goals in their business and personal lives. They never look a head and read the play, they never hang around the goal mouth, sometimes they don't even bother to turn up on game day!

If you want to kick goals in your business and personal life you need to put yourself in a position to do so. You will only be remembered for the goals you kick, not the defence you play. Long after the final whilsle, we only remember those who scored.

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