Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I had the pleasure of attending a two day Sales Success Workshop at the Gabba Stadium in Brisbane.  You may think to yourself, “why is an accountant attending a sales event?”  Simply put, my firm is dedicated to helping clients grow their sales, grow their profit, grow their cash flow, protect assets, minimise tax, protect assets and ensure clients can financially retire.

We have helped clients grow their sales in the past and will continue to do so in the future as their trusted advisor.  This is one important element of focus in helping clients achieve their financial goals within their business as well as their lifestyle goals.   

I learnt a wealth of information, tools, tips and strategies to help clients grow their sales and I will be implementing these over the next 12 months with all my business clients.

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Dunn who is arguably one of the most influential selling gurus on the planet.

In this fast past age of blogging, Google, twitter and social media, Paul simplified everything by saying “effective selling is about communicating less and connecting more with your customers”.   Wow!  I thought this was a great way to detangle and simplify how the world is going in terms of social media.  We are bombarded with e-mails, twitter, telephones, text messages and so on.  Especially in our business, we need to connect more on a one-on-one personal level with our existing and prospective customers other than just jumping in with everyone else in the “Sea of Sameness” and get lost in the meteor shower of cyber-marketing that seems to rain down on us every hour of the day.

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