Friday, 16 September 2011

Free Cash!

A real eye opener recently was a 2-day workshop I attended.  Rob Nixon, who hosted the event, posed a question to the 100 or so accountants in the room as part of helping clients reach their financial goals.  Snelleksz & Co. is part of a network of accountants involved in Coaching Club with Nixon Advantage. We are a network of like-minded accounting firms across Australia who shares the same passion to help our clients grow, so business owners can achieve their business and personal goals.  Rob posed a question that if you had a client walk in with a cash flow problem how many points of value and focus within their business could you provide to them to help solve this problem?  We were given two minutes and came up with no less than 70 areas to focus on in a client’s business to help them solve their cash flow problems.  Imagine what we could have achieved if we had been given 30 minutes!  This goes to show you that often my firm gets pre-judged that as accountants we can only do tax returns and prepare financial accounts.  This is absolute garbage.  We are at the forefront of the advisory industry in the world and are the last trusted advisor on the planet and help our clients in so many ways that it is in calculable. 

If you want to grow your sales, grow your profits, grow your cash flow, protect your assets, minimise your tax, and financially retire so you can achieve your lifestyle goals, then you need to be talking to me. 

If your current accountant isn’t delivering this to you, then why do you bother with them?

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