Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Hill

It's Sunday morning, in the city Botanic Gardens. I'm 5 minutes into my regular Sunday city run from the Gardens, through Southbank and back through the city. I do it every Sunday and it's great on a clear, warm morning like today. Other joggers pass me and I also pass a few slower ones too.

As I round the corner near QUT the looming span of the Goodwill Bridge comes into view. WIth it's steep incline and boomerang shape, I start to slow down and get ready for the calf screaming, lung busting climb to the top. Then a thought slams into my head. What if I sped up? What if I ran fast up the incline and then recovered on the decline? What if I did the complete opposite to what I have been doing on my regular Sunday run and really attack the bridge instead of the usual "slow down at take it easy" After all it is a bridge! Don't we all slow down when face with a steep obsticle? Get the hard work done first and then reward yourself later.

Too oftern it's the same in business and in our personal lives. When we are confronted by hard times, the GFC or obsticles, how many times do we pull our head in and retreat within our shell? We take our foot of the gas and slow down. We tend to want all the rewards first without putting in the "hard yards" first. It's like playing sport. If you make the mid-week training sessions hard then you will not run out of gas on game day. 

In business, when times are tough, suck it up and go harder and break through. Don't winge and whine. 

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