Thursday, 22 December 2011


Whilst Christmas is a great time to spend with family and friends, it is also a great opportunity for you to get away and to map out a plan, both personal and business, for the 2012 year.  If you can’t manage to steal away for a couple of days at the beach, or escape from the rat race to a log cabin in a pristine forest somewhere, then how about a few hours of quiet time at a coffee shop overlooking the beach or along the Brisbane River.  I always find I need to spend time away from ringing phones, and the hectic day to day life of running a business, before my mind eventually slows down and I begin to think and work on my business as well as my own personal goals.  Here are some things you should be thinking about and take a note book and pen with you and jot down how you can answer these questions in 2012:

1.      When would I like to retire and do I have enough money now to do so?
2.      Can I grow my business by 20% next year?
3.      How can I get more money into my bank account next year?
4.      I have gone backwards in 2011 and what can I do about it in 2012?
5.      What new skill or experience do I need to learn next year that will help me financially?
6.      How much of my home loan would I like to pay off?
7.      If I stopped working now, how long would it be before I run out of money?
8.      Can I afford to live the lifestyle that I currently lead or would like to lead next year?
9.      What will I need for my kid’s education?
10.  Has my business performed as what I had hoped when I first started many years ago? 
11.  What can I do in 2012 to make it more a successful year for myself personally and for my business?

Just some questions for you to consider during this Christmas break and I urge everyone to have some form of plan for 2012 in your business and personal goals.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my new Growth Workshop in June/July 2012 where you will learn the answers to these questions!

Wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas.

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