Friday, 17 February 2012


It's 9.30pm in Boston and it's -3C outside. I've flown for nearly 24 hours to get here and let me tell you a few things. Things are really tough here in America, with the people in the street, sentiment is really down and every time I watch TV the new past-time here is "Obama Bashing" Walking the streets of Boston I see middle-aged people just out of work, walking around aimlessly, looking really depressed. This is not a good thing to witness. It is going to take a mighty effort to turn this country around. I think they can but it will take time. The unemployment problem is a non-stop talk-fest. Let me tell you. I don't like Gillard, I like even less good old Anna, I think we in Australia pay too much for nearly everything, but would you rather be living in London? No, how about Europe? No, what about Greece, Italy and Spain? Na! Australia is the place to be right now and be glad you are living there now!

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  1. Matthew, sounds like nothing has improved since I was in Boston last year, it indeed to see the great USA struggling so badly. Australia is most certainly a great place to come home to. Stay warm mate!


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