Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Just came back from breakfast and a Sunday morning walk around Boston Common, kids are ice skating and it's a clear, sunny cold day. The temps are dropping and they do expect it to snow this week.

It's Sunday sports day meaning Ice Hockey on TV all day. Also starting today is the new season of The Apprentice and The Great Race, from the previews they look really good. Hopefully I will catch they tonight in my little room at Harvard. Can't wait for it to start. 

Went down to The Bell in Hand tavern last night for some clams. It's the oldest one in America (and looks it too). Was talking to a group of young marines who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, they had amazing stories as you could imagine. I also sat next to a girl in Starbucks and that was interesting. She was in her mid-twenties and said she doesn't have a TV neither do any of her friends. She has an ipad and an iphone and streams all her TV shows directly to them. She showed me a website on her ipad where you can view thousands of TV series, all the full seasons of virtually every TV show imaginable, from Survivor to Greys Anatomy. Quite amazing. The production companies like HBO etc are creating Direct TV platforms for subscribers who can watch what they want when they want. Traditional TV stations will get bypassed and eventually will disappear, everything will be streamed direct from the internet like Apple TV. Australian TV stations like  Channel 7,9 & 10 will become outdated (probably a good thing because they all treat viewers with contempt by not showing sport live, and stopping new TV series part-way into them so you never know what happens). Advertisers will migrate away from traditional TV networks to advertising piggybacking internet streaming. What Optus did a few weeks ago by streaming AFL directly to their mobile phone subscribers is just the beginning. Gone will be the days of the fat-cat TV executives gloating over their old schoolboy networks and TV monopoly and good riddens to them.                   

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