Thursday, 29 March 2012


Jamie Oliver's recent book "30 Minute Meals" is all about cranking out a great quality family meal in less than 30 minutes. I've done a few meals from the book and it's all about preparation, getting all your utensils and ingredients out on the bench and ready to go when you start cooking.

Time is our most precious resource, as Alan Weiss says, "We work so hard to get freedoom. What is freedoom? The time to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, in a manner you want"
If you want to know more about Alan then visit his website:

So how much time do you waste in a day because you aren't prepared? How prepared in business are you for:
  • When the bank calls and they want to review your latest financials? (Some of my clients have had this)
  • The coming of GFC2? (Don't be naive, it's coming)
  • When a key employee you were grooming to take over your role quits and moves to the competition?(Someone mentioned this to me last week)
  • When your already struggling industry superfund drops another 40% in value? (Most have not recovered fully from GFC1)
  • When key family business members stage a revolt (big hello to Gina here)
  • A key customer goes into liquidation and you're owed $25,000? (WOW that's alot!)
  • You just bought a Pizza franchise and a new McDonalds opens up 1km away? (From a client last Friday - sales dropped 30% in the first week by-the-way)
I could go on and on. You will never be prepared for everything, but start doing something.

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