Thursday, 26 April 2012


This is what your foot would look like after an opposition player weighing approximately 100 kilograms decides to kick the ball, misses and kicks your foot instead.  This injury was done five minutes into the first half of my Sunday Griffith Uni 7-a-side soccer game and because we did not have any substitute players, I had to stay on the field for the rest of the game and probably did more damage as a result.  Maybe that says something about my commitment to the team.  After I hobbled home, my family was in shock and told me that I should give up the sport.  Then it made me think.  At the first sign of pain, most of us run and hide because we will do anything to avoid pain and prefer to seek pleasure.  Anything that is worthwhile doing in your life, will involve a certain level of pain and some individuals will put up with that pain because we can see the benefits that they will reap in the future.  It is no different to being in business. 

Get this message very clearly:  If you are going to go into business or want to excel, then you will experience pain in many forms!  What gets us to keep striving forward through the pain is the vision of the big picture and the rewards in the future.  People are not willing to put up with pain or make a sacrifice in the short term.  If you own a business or are planning on going into business, pain is inevitable, however it is how we react, adapt and learn from such pain that keeps us moving forward and break through and achieve success.

No one who has become successful has had a smooth, easy ride.  It is never “plain sailing”.  They all faced adversity, from business owners to world class athletes.  Whether or not you succeed depends on how you channel that pain into something positive.

The very next day, strangely enough, I was not thinking about my foot, despite the pain.  I began ringing up football boot suppliers to see if anyone made a boot on the market that offered toe protection.  It is strange that I never contemplated giving up the sport.  My focus was on finding a solution so I could avoid the pain next time and get back on the paddock for the team.  Pain in your business will come from employees, your customers, perhaps even your partners on a daily basis.  How you chose to proceed past that pain is entirely up to you.  Do you run and hide?  Or do you learn from that experience so that you can minimise the pain in the future and grow and develop?  It was never a matter of me giving up playing for my team on the weekend, I was just looking for a solution to overcome this obstacle and keep going.

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