Thursday, 10 May 2012


Matthew Blows his Diet!

Everyone loves a treat, especially dogs.  If you own a dog I’m sure you have never given it a treat before it has performed a trick for you.  However, every day I see examples of people in business wanting to have their treat or reward before they have put in the hard work and the business has hit targets and milestones.

When you work hard and reach a goal in your business, the treat tastes sweeter rather than an unsubstantiated reward.  When you hit a milestone in your business or in your personal life, then reward yourself but do it after you have hit the milestone, not before!

A classic example was a client of mine 12 months ago who left a high paying job to start their own business consulting practice.  Within two weeks of starting, they had ordered themselves a $100,000 BMW because they felt they deserved it.  Yet they hadn’t even raised their first consulting invoice to a single customer. Hard to believe isn’t it? 

Potential employees during interviews for my firm all want to be paid extraordinary salary packages and yet they have not yet demonstrated to me their ability or performance.  I have no problem rewarding staff for what they are worth but they have to perform first not the other way around.

Remember, hard work first, rewards later!

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