Friday, 15 June 2012

The "Big Rig"

I was at a coaching session yesterday and spotted this enormous fully imported American pickup truck parked in one of the parking places.  It belongs to a friend of mine who has a very successful consulting business.  He obviously has always wanted a big American Truck and he is the type of person that sets very distinct goals and performance targets within his business and if he hits them, then he rewards himself.  Obviously he has had a great 12 months because his new purchase is a serious piece of on-road machinery.  However, you have to give him credit.  He sets growth targets for his business each quarter, he drives his sales team, and all his staff to reach those targets on a quarterly basis, and he gets there. He is extremely disciplined, organised, planned and has a very entrepreneurial approach to running a business. Nothing is left to chance. He works hard and no doubt he also plays hard as well.

The new financial year is nearly upon us. What targets and goals have you set to achieve in the next 12 months?  Will you hit them?  What are you doing now to make sure you do hit them and how will you reward yourself?  Do you have the discipline, drive and determination to make the 2013 financial year your best year ever? I firmly believe that if you are in business then you deserve success.  You take all the risk, you work all the hours, you put your house on the line, and even your marriage is on the line and suffers as well.  If you are in business then you deserve to be successful. If you are not successful and have not the rewards that you thought you would have, then give me a call and I will help you. We help business owners everyday reach their full potential.

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