Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Each Quarter, the office of Snelleksz & Co. goes under transformation.  For motivation and encouragement, the firm has a quarterly theme to inspire all staff.  This means having props and decorating the office.  Last Quarter it was “Step Up”.  From a step ladder hanging from the roof, to images of steps leading to success, all staff had to step up to the plate, improve and help achieve the goals of the firm for the quarter.  As well as a theme, we also have targets to reach and rewards to win. This Quarter our theme is “Look @”.  It is for all staff to “Look @” how we do things, how can things be improved, and yes there are targets to be reached and rewards to be attained.  So the office now has eye balls stuck to computer screens, magnifying glasses hanging off the walls to remind staff that at all times they need to “Look @” ways to improve the running of the office, client services and ways in assisting clients receive the best outcomes.   

This concept of having quarterly goals and rewards can be used in the smallest of office environments to the family home.  Why not have your children set goals for the school term, and if they succeed, they enjoy their success with a reward.  Why not set yourself a goal for a month or quarter.  It doesn’t have to be about money.  It could be jogging around the block and improving your fitness, or it could be setting a timeline to learning a language.   It is amazing that when you set a target in a set amount time, how you can become motivated and committed to reach that goal and your reward.  There is nothing more satisfying than setting an objective and reaching it.

Written by: Jennifer Snelleksz

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