Tuesday, 11 September 2012


This is a photo of all my current reading, and as you can tell I am falling behind and I feel like I am drowning in all the stuff I need to read.  On top of all this, I am currently doing a Self-Managed Superannuation Course to further develop my skills in giving advice to clients in this ever growing area.  Being a CPA means that I must keep up-to-date with all the changes in tax, business management, and across a whole range of financial management issues so I can best advise my clients.  I am going to the US in two weeks’ time and I don’t take any reading from Australia with me.  I make it a rule when I’m in the US, I immerse myself completely in reading the newspapers, magazines, business books that are over there.  If you bother to travel that far and go to another country, then you must immerse yourself in that environment and find out what’s going on, how is the economy going?  What do the people on the streets think?  Who is going to win the election in November, Obama or Romney?  How are the small businesses coping in the US?  I will be blogging from the US on a more regular basis and I will give you up-to-date information on what I have discovered.

I’m also trialing a system called “Getting Things Done” (GTD) which was developed by David Allen.  I’m sick and tired of looking at piles of things I need to do on my desk at home, my desk at work and my bedside table.  I need to get organised!  I’m trialling this system of GTD because it came highly recommended as a life changing way of organising yourself on a daily basis, and I desperately need to do this.  We seem to have become very busy in our lives and we lack organisational skills which they don’t teach you at University.  I will also keep you up-to-date on how I am progressing through this system to unclutter my life.

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  1. "Start with why" is still one of my favourite. You might want to try Audible so that you can listen to book while you're driving rather than finding that extra time to read it. No extra time required & I personally find myself "reading" or should I say listening to more books per month than reading the actual book itself.



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