Monday, 24 September 2012

USA Update: Paris and Back and a Rocket Attack

I’m just back from a morning run in Las Vegas where I ran from Mandalay Bay Resort to Paris at the Northern end of The Strip. Where-ever I travel I try and run because you can see a lot more when you are on the ground rather than just catching a bus, taxi or driving. You get a feel for what is around you and a sense of a city when you walk or run the streets. It’s almost surreal jogging past a life-sized Sphinx and Pyramid. Saw a great T-shirt on a female jogger. She was in the Canadian Army based in Kandahar Provinces of Afghanistan. The t-shirt was from the army base gym and read: “Only a rocket attack stops a work-out” How’s that for dedication?

All too often I see business owners who have no idea what is going on within their business because they sit in their office behind their desk making phone calls and sending emails all day. You need to get out and take a walk (or jog) around every aspect of your business, down at street level and talk every-day to your troops. I probably drive my staff crazy because I walk around a lot at walk, seeing what they are doing, what work they have on etc, but it’s the only way you can get the daily pulse of your business and make better daily decisions.

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