Tuesday, 9 October 2012

In Love!


I love clients who are organised when they come in to get their tax and accounting work done.  One of my clients, who I met the other day, came in with a neat little pocket book that contains all her receipts and on the inside page of each envelope in the pocket book, she had done a detailed summary of the expenses in that category.  It certainly saves us time and makes the job easier!  It also gives me an insight into the type of clients that we want to deal with on a daily basis, those being who are organised, driven, and have direction.  What customers do you currently have in your business who are a pain to deal with because they are the complete opposite to this customer of mine?  I call them time thieves, they suck your time because their disorganisation impacts on your productivity and it takes you longer to service them and help them because they simply don’t get their act together.  It may be worthwhile dumping these types of customers and replacing them with customers who appreciate the value of time as a scarce resource.

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