Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Practice Management

Running an accounting firm is no different from a normal business and it can suffer from the current economic climate and the potential recession that is looming.  However, this is no excuse for clients to ask for discounts or additional services for free.  Now more than ever accounting firms must stress the importance of the value that they give to their clients in helping them improve their profit, sales and cash flow. 

This applies to anyone in business and any business who have clients.

When businesses are struggling, now more than ever you should be providing additional profit improvement services to these businesses as your clients.  Think of the reverse when your clients complain about your fees or complain more importantly how their businesses are struggling, they are sending you a subliminal message that they need your help!

If you run a successful business, it should inspire your clients to seek your help more often because they want to do what you are doing and to share in your success. 

My accounting firm is growing at a rapid pace and we are not getting rid of staff, more importantly we are seeking more senior accounting staff to join our growing business.  We advertise this fact to our clients and this generates a lot of interest as they want to know what we are doing right to grow our business and if we can replicate it for them.

I like to run my accounting firm as a business and use its success as advertising.    Why not use your success to advertise to your clients?

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