Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Hit Your Target

Our theme for this quarter is ‘Targets’ and more importantly, ‘Are you on Target?’. Instead of setting a number of goals that will be put on the back burner and forgotten about until the end of December, we are breaking the quarter down month by month with a series of Targets to be achieved each month.

It isn’t enough to simply set these targets and expect them to be achieved, we have constant reminders around our office, ensuring they are keeping up to date with their Targets, not to mention the incentive reward at the end of the quarter. Through completely embodying our theme, and maintaining it throughout the quarter we are able to give ourselves the greatest opportunity to achieve these Targets. We aren’t going to take a gamble at achieving these targets, we are doing everything absolutely possible to be motivated to achieve our targets, and ensure we reap the rewards of our hard work.

Written by: Marlee Wiseman, Client Services Co-ordatinor

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PAN Award