Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What happened to Sunday?

Gone are the days when Sunday was viewed as “the day of rest”, the one day you could relax, chill out and just potter around the house.  Today, especially if you are in business, Sunday's most of the time are like any other working day.  Sure you might not be in the office, but you are still writing proposals, replying to e-mails, catching up on the work that you didn’t have time to do whilst in the office.  As well as catching up on your work, there is the house to be cleaned, groceries to be purchased, washing and ironing to be done and chauffeuring the kids around!  What happened to Sunday!  Even though your business is important, so is making time to relax, sleep in and just spend some quality time with your family and appreciating what you have.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is the perfect time now to plan a break during the December/January holidays. You don't need to go away, but what you need to do is turn off the computer, turn off the mobile, buy a great book and just sit down, put your feet up and just chill! At our house this is what we all will be doing - as well as taking part in the highly contested table tennis tournament!

Written by: Jennifer Snelleksz

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