Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Matthew Goes to the Zoo, and gets eaten by a Lion!

I know some people who know me would like to see this happen but I have found a great little new business, iZOO Espresso at 483 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.  It sits nestled under the new Meriton Serviced Apartment Complex at the top end of Adelaide Street, just near All Hallow’s.  It certainly gets a lot of morning foot traffic from inner-city residents and short-term visitors staying at nearby apartments.  What attracted to me to the place is that it reminds me of some of the coffee shops in Melbourne where they have an Italian Espresso bar feel to them rather than the typical rundown “grunge” coffee shops that proliferate through West End and East Brisbane and seems to be a growing trend that the more dilapidated and run-down the look, the more appeal it should have. Whilst I’m sitting there, they greet nearly every customer by their name and almost know from memory what they order.  This is what Starbucks, a mammoth coffee chain tries to achieve but I think it is only possible on a small scale. 

If you want intimate customer service then it is very difficult to roll out the bigger your business grows.  IZOO Espresso is a one-off shop however you can tell people aren’t coming in purely for the coffee, they are coming in for the connection that they make with the staff that are there and the relationship building.  This approach creates solid loyalty and grow.  I hate the concept of networking because it suggests “hard sell”.  Growing your business is all about growing relationships rather than networking.  It is well worth anyone trying iZOO and it has become a favourite of mine especially after a city run along the Brisbane River in the mornings.

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