Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Singapore Update - Tuesday 2nd July 2013

It's Tuesday morning and I'm sitting In Starbucks on Orchard Road, in Singapore. I've been here since Wednesday and Singapore is such a vibrant, non-stop place. It is a continuous shopping Mecca of Asia, more so than Hong Kong. However what strikes me is the strong, innovative business core that Singapore has. The growth potential here is strong and positive. Businesses are encouraged to invest here as Singapore's geographic location makes it perfect to access multiple markets for its products and services, unlike the isolation that Australia has.

At my recent Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle Master Class, I said to attendees that Australia has not yet had it's Global Financial Crisis, and this has only been reinforced by what I have seen in Singapore. I will be writing a detailed paper in the next few days entitled "The Looming Australian GFC" and I will post in on my website www.snelleksz.com.au for you to download and read. As a preface, I'm not giving financial planning advice, nor am I qualified to do so, but then again I think many so-called investment "experts", whilst they have a piece of paper saying they can give advice, they, in my opinion   aren't qualified to open their mouths. If you read my last blog (My New Years Resolutions), you will understand my position on this.

I sat in the Sheraton in Hong Kong in 2007 and saw the warning signs unfold of the imminent GCF that hit 12 months later, so I guess I have some ability to comment. This is purely my opinion, so please take it as that. I will also make available via my website the 2007 News Letter "A Storm is coming..." that I wrote  so you can see for yourself.

Suffice to say in my paper I will detail what I call a "Logic Thread" that links my reasoning and my conclusion. It is a thread of events, that when linked together, paint a very poor picture for Australia financially in the next 24 months.

I urge everyone to take a few minutes out of your day and read this when I publish it.

Thanks and please check back to my Blog regularly.


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