Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Looming Australian GFC!

I’m just back from my trip to Singapore which I have found to be an extremely innovative and progressive part of the world.  The conclusion I have reached after just spending a week in Singapore, gauging business development, the state of the economy and the surrounding regions of Indonesia and Malaysia is that Australia should be extremely concerned.  In essence Australia is being left behind in the Asia-Pacific area in terms of innovation, economic growth and opportunity.  You will already know that there is a current slump in the resources sector in Australia coupled with manufacturing companies closing down and sacking staff (the closure of Ford).  The next 24 months for Australia are going to be extremely difficult.  Also after speaking to a number of business people in Singapore and also foreign business people visiting Singapore, Australia is considered to have a very unstable government at the moment.  The Gillard-Rudd overthrow happened right in the middle of the week when I was in Singapore, and let me tell you it made Australia look like a third world country and it was embarrassing.

I’m going to make a bold claim here and I’m going to outline the reasons why in an attached White Paper called “The Looming Australian GFC”.  I hope you download this document via the link below, and it is also available from my website.  Please bear in mind that this is my opinion but also understand that I did predict the GFC in September 2007, nearly 12 months before it unfolded.  Also attached via a link to my website is the original newsletter dated September 2007 that relates to this prediction that I made.  The white paper is basically a logic thread outlining my reasons why Australia is going to enter its own GFC, within the next 24 months.  As a business owner and as an investor you need to be prepared. 
Click below to download the White Papers:

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