Thursday, 2 January 2014

Roger Federer, the Brown Book and Leaving it to Chance

It was a pleasure to watch Roger Federer playing tennis up close on New Years Eve at the Brisbane International. I had the good fortune to have court-side seats and it's not until you are up close that you can appreciate the effortless brilliance of the man.

New Years Day found me sitting on my deck planning the year ahead and what I needed to do better in my business. Like Federer, I'm striving to constantly improve my business game and at times I hit too many double faults that are purely my fault, like people I should have never employed in my business in 2013 that dragged our performance down. I cover this issue specifically in my new book, where you must in business surround yourself with people who value what you do. One of our Core Values is "Best Team" but unfortunately in 2013 I employed people who were inexperienced and not the best even though they convinced me that they were. I set a high bar for business performance and expectations for my staff and for myself simply because my client's demand nothing less from me.

Another idea that I cover in my book is Mastering Focus. I purchased a page-a-day brown diary in the Boxing Day sales. For each day I will list and cross off what I need to do in my business for that particular day that will get my business hitting it's goals and targets for 2014. Everyday for 365 days, I will list out in detail what I need to do so I achieve my Critical Success Factors. If you read my book, Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle, you will understand the importance of setting Critical Success Factors in your business. I will keep this diary by my side constantly in 2014. I am leaving nothing to chance in 2014.

Maybe that's the kind of focus you need in your business in 2014.  CLICK HERE TO BUY MY BOOK

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