Saturday, 28 June 2014

How to Draw a handgun in 1 Second

Before I went to the US on my recent trip, my fastest draw time was 1.47 seconds. Pretty slow. I had practiced and practiced but still could not get the time from holster to sight picture on target any faster.
Enter Lee Vernon and Chris, Chief Instructor from Combative Weapon Solutions (Click here: CWS) Austin Texas, I spent a day at their Defensive Pistol 2 Class in Texas in June.
Chris ran me through a timed draw drill using a shot timer. My first draw was about the same as at home, but he then corrected some of my poor technique. On the second draw I was down to 1.30 seconds. Once again, he gave me some tips and advice, minor and subtle adjustments, until on my fifth and final draw I hit the 1 second. I was over the moon. I had made a promise to myself that when next in the USA, I wanted to get my draw time down to 1 second, and with Chris's expert guidance and help I had achieved it.

Now to some, hundredths of a second may seem not much, but on the streets, it could mean the difference between life and death. In the sporting arena, it's the difference between a gold medal and all the fame, fortune and endorsement riches that come with it, or the forgotten name of the athlete who came second. As they say, you don't win silver, you loose gold. Milliseconds count.

The same is in business. Are you seeking out the best advisors, mentors and professionals to help you grow, not only your business, but to grow and develop yourself as an entrepreneur? If you want get your business to a $10m business, then seek out and find someone who has a $10m business and learn from them. If you want to be a best selling author, then seek out  best selling authors and find out what they did to achieve this. Don't waste your time with so-called experts, or business coaches who claim to teach success. Seek out those who have been there and already done what you are trying to achieve.

As I have said before, I will jump on a plane and go anywhere in the world to find and learn from the best in business and in my vocation. I will continue to seek out and learn from the best skilled professionals in defensive handgun training like Chris and Lee from CWS. Are you willing to do what it takes in business and in your personal life to continuously learn and grow?

My thanks to Chris and Lee for what I learned in your class. I am better for it and thanks for making my life less ordinary.

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