Thursday, 19 June 2014

Inspiration at 34,000 ft

I've been struggling to get some inspiration for my next book. Part of the reason for my trip away is also to get ideas and do research  about US property and for my next book. However as I stood in the shower at 5am Tuesday morning, up early to catch my flight from Indianapolis to Austin Texas I was frustrated because there was no flow of ideas. I get away so I can think and be creative, plan the next 12 months for my business and look at new ventures and ideas. Yet after 4 days in the States, nothing.

Then at 34,000 ft on my Delta flight, somewhere between Atlanta and Austin TX it hit me and I just mapped out a new book in less than an hour. Sometimes you need to be patient and the inspiration will come.

As I explain in my book "Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle" if you're feeling stagnant and frustrated about your business then get away, away from your typical environment, and just empty your mind. You will then get the best business ideas when you are not actually thinking about your business. Try it, it works.

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