Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Thanks to the Guys at Range Time

I spent 2 days training with Cory and the team at Range Time Tactical Shooting in Terre Haute Indiana. I would just like to thank them for their professionalism and dedication to training.

I was astounded at the experience, and I mean in-your-face deployments in Iraq experience these guys had.

Thanks to Steve for your serious approach and expertise in real-life policing that your brought.

Thanks to Sam for being in my face for the entire 2 days telling me what I was doing wrong and then showing me how to correct. I will remember to keep my finger off the trigger whilst reloading and to go for my new magazine first before I release the old. My grip, stance, all my fundamentals (the 7 you say) are a whole lot better thanks to you and the great tips and help you gave me on the range.

Thanks to Steve from Top Guns Terre Haute for opening up the store so early to let the kid into the candy shop. It was an eye-opener, I really didn't want to leave.

Finally thanks to Cory. You are a professional and skilled operator but you brought the mindset that I needed for situational awareness. Shooting on the move and from cover were amazing. You have a no-nonsense, practical, make it happen approach that I love.

Because of your guys, I am better shooter and I am grateful. I will continue to train with Range Time, distance is no excuse. Thanks for a life less ordinary.

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