Saturday, 23 August 2014

23rd August 2014 to 23rd December 2014 - The 4 Month Target

In exactly 4 months, on the 23rd of December I will be on Christmas holidays. Not sure where I'm going because it depends on what I achieve in the next 4 months. Performance first, reward second.

However I have a lot of targets I need to hit before then, both business and personal targets. So my aim or goal is to spend Christmas in the snow with my family.  It will be like a reward for all the hard work I need to put in between now and 23rd December. Or, if I don't perform, then it'll be cold turkey and watching the Queen's Message whilst sitting at home.

Here are just some of my 4 month targets that I need to hit:
  • My business sales targets for 6 months to December must be hit.
  • Another accountant on-board to support our growth.
  • 1st draft of my second book completed and ready for 2nd draft edit after I return from Christmas holidays.
  • Signed off on book publishing deal for my second business book
  • Have re-landscaped completely my home garden. Currently looking a bit shabby. Been too lazy.
  • Get my Body Mass Index down to 10% or less. Currently at 22%. Too much food in Texas!
By making these public on my blog, I have put the pressure on myself to achieve these because now you are holding me accountable.


When I'm working with business clients to help them grow their business, I pose to them the "Christmas Present Scenario" This strategy is something I invented so business owners can visualise and set better strategic goals for their business in the short-term. Imagine it's Christmas morning and you get up out of bed all excited and run downstairs to the Christmas tree. You see a large package under the tree wrapped in lovely rich wrapping paper and red ribbons. Guess what? It has your name on it! "You beauty!"

You grab the present and get comfy on the couch and you can hardly wait to tear off the paper and see what the present is. You look keenly at the label to see who has given you the present. Perhaps it's from your spouse or partner? Maybe it's from your kids or a close relative. But it's not. Puzzled you squint at the label, and it says:

"Dear Matthew, I know it's been a tough year. Have you worked hard? I think you have. I hope you love the present" From Your Business. 

"A present from my business? WTF!" You exclaim. Yes, your business has actually rewarded you at the end of the year with a present. Now not all presents are good ones. Many a Christmas has gone by and I've got at least one crappy present, which I promptly re-wrap and re-gift to my sister's husband.

The question is, what present would you love to get from your business at Christmas? Would it be something that disappoints you, because you haven't been good and worked as hard as you should have? Or will it be a just reward for all the hard work and effort you have put in in 2014? Ask yourself; "What would be the best present my business can give me this Christmas?" Once you have done this then get off your rear, sets some targets, and take action and get it done. You will have no-one else to blame if you are disappointed in 4 months time on Christmas Day. Don't forget, the next 4 months are going to fly-by. BTW - Christmas decorations have already started to appear in the stores and it's only August? How Pathetic...

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