Monday, 29 June 2015

15,000 Apartment Glut!

Brisbane and Melbourne face a Glut of 15,000 apartments each!

Brisbane has now been roped in with Melbourne in the latest BIS Shrapnel Report.  The report states that because of this glut, apartment prices are likely to fall by 10% in the next three years.  The report also clearly states that Brisbane had a glut of surplus stock that started  back to at least 2006 but that glut will triple from 5,000 apartments in the 2014 financial year to 15,000 by the 2016 financial year. 
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Glut of Apartments

With a glut, you would expect that the negotiating power now swings to the tenants who have more units to choose from when renting. This will push rents lower as landlords are pressured to drop the rent they want just to secure a tenant.

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