Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How To Get Money Out of Your Business Tax-Free

How to Save Tax, Protect your Assets and Grow your Business
by Matthew N. Snelleksz, FCPA

My staff has just spent the last week preparing detailed Ideas & Recommendation Reports for all my business clients.  This is a free comprehensive report that we do each year for our business clients and are crammed full of ideas and recommendations on how they can save tax, protect their business and personal assets, and grow their businesses.  I have just reviewed most of them and I am extremely happy with the terrific ideas and recommendations that my staff has come up with on helping our business clients.

This is what accountants are supposed to do, come up with creative ideas and recommendations for business owners so that they pay the least amount of tax, their assets are protected and that their businesses are continually growing.  However most accountants do not do this.  Most accountants I find are not proactive and you simply see them once a year and they don’t suggest any new ideas.  However, at my firm, we are proactive and offer value added services to our clients at no extra charge. 

Here are sample of terrific ideas that we have come up with:

  1. How to withdraw money from your company tax-free;
  2. How to pay no fringe benefits tax;
  3. How to utilise your superannuation to purchase an investment property;
  4. How to replace non-tax deductible debt within your business with tax deductible debt;
  5.  How to utilise dividends instead of wages to minimise personal tax as well as saving on workers compensation;
  6. How to get a better tax deduction for your motor vehicle and business assets;
  7. How to restructure your business so that your personal and business assets are protected in a bullet-proof structure.

If you are not a client of my firm, then perhaps you could benefit from this free Ideas & Recommendation Report for your business.  Please contact me and I will be more than happy to prepare a confidential Ideas & Recommendations Report for your business.  I will demonstrate how I can save you tax, protect your assets and grow your business.  Perhaps you need to change accountants and come to my firm instead if you are not getting this free service from your existing accountant.

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