Monday, 1 January 2018

Why 2018 Will NOT Be Your Best Year in Your Business

Why 2018 Will NOT be Your Best Year in Your Business

The answer is simple: Because you will repeat exactly what you did in 2017 in your business and hope things will be different. 

I've helped hundreds of business owners over the last 20 years and the most frustrating thing I find with those owners whose businesses aren't growing and providing them with the money and lifestyle that they wanted is that they aren't happy about their business, they continually say that things will improve (someday), they whine that they don't have enough money, YET I SEE NO REAL MASSIVE ACTION TO CHANGE ANYTHING!

Let's face it, after passion, isn't that why we went into business in the first place? We wanted more money and a better lifestyle. It sure wasn't because we wanted to work 80-hours-a-week and earn less as the employee we used to be!

Business owners deserve better yet the years pass by with no real significant change. Sure profits may go up by 10% one year or cash in the bank improves in the next year. But you want real, significant and lasting change. I mean 50% growth NOT 5%. Why settle for less? I mean $1m in cash in the bank not $100,000. Why settle for less?

NOW, January is the perfect time for you and your business to make the improvements that need to be made. How you ask?

Forget all the other crap about getting a Business Coach or having a "Team" Meeting or an Owners Business Retreat. You just need to focus on what I call Critical Success Factors or CSFs. Those are the things, that as a business owner, if you focus on in the next 90 days, you will see MASSIVE change in your business Sales, Profit and Cash-flow.

So what are CSFs? 

Well here are 3 short videos that you need to watch that will explain everything. It's just a total of around 14 minutes of your life to watch these.  Are you willing to grasp this opportunity and commit to watching just 14 minutes of valuable information to help your business? Or will 2018 slip through your fingers and next thing you know it's 2019, or 2020 or 2030 even and you and your business are still struggling.

Video 1: Critical Success Factors - Part 1

Video 2: Critical Success Factors - Part 2

Video 3: How to do it: A step-by-step Guide

So you need to decide. Will you "man-up" and make things happen, make the changes, make the tough-decisions, focus on what needs to be done in your business? If you don't or are too lazy, or leave it to the fate of others, then 2018 will NOT be your best year in your business. 

Just remember, in 12 months time, you will only have yourself (not me) to thank or yourself to blame.

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