Sunday, 29 July 2018

How to Create Accounting Fees From Thin Air - And Have Your Clients Rave How Valuable You Are!

How to get fees from THIN AIR! It's not a typo. I have a segment in my 1-Day Intensive "How to Build a Valued-Based Accounting Firm" actually called "Fees From Thin Air." It is my favorite segment and by the end of it every skeptical, disbelieving, cynical person in the room is in awe of how to do it. If you don't think it works, I show my attendees the actual proof. Here are some recent examples of clients signing off and paying 100% upfront and the time it took from when the fee estimate was first emailed to when it came back signed to proceed. AND these clients all raved about how valuable the work was compared to their old accountant:
- New Client - signed off $4,000 in 13 minutes
- New Client - signed off $6,000 in 20 minutes
These were NEW clients, I haven't even started their annual compliance work, which BTW they signed off in similar times at an average of 3-4 times what they paid their previous accountant in fees. The only thing I did WAS DEMONSTRATE THE VALUE in each proposal. Each proposal took about 1 hour to draft and the value was huge. Why else would they sign off so quickly? I certainly wasn't holding a gun to their head. The work above resulted in an Average Hourly Rate of at least $1,000 per job with admin staff doing most (if not all) of the actual work by following my simple proposal. This is no bull. I have the reports to show you.
Everyday accountants don't value what they do for their clients (new and existing) and don't see the tens of thousands of dollars of new fees right in front of their faces. Not a single $$$ was spent on marketing for these new fees BTW.
Maybe you should allow me to run my 1-Day Intensive workshop for your firm, in-house, in private, just for you and your staff. It will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors. Message me to find out more. What do you have to lose? Maybe just a lot of untapped professional fees!

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