Sunday, 12 August 2018

$405,000 worth of new accounting fees - With NO Marketing and NO New Clients?

I just finished running my 1-Day Intensive Workshop "How to Build a Value-Based Accounting Firm" with a great accounting firm on the Gold Coast. One outcome (of many) was their first project that will create at least $405,000 worth of new accounting fees straight away from existing clients with ZERO spent on marketing etc.  This is the picture of the whiteboard from the afternoon session of my workshop and there, slap bang in the middle is the "conservative" amount in red that I wrote that this project will generate in fees for them. 

Imagine what I could do for your accounting firm?

It's my favourite session of the day and it's called "Fees from Thin Air."  It's amazing when I see the eyes light-up of the partners in the room when I show them how literally they can create fees from thin air. 

Here’s how you know if you need to undertake my workshop:
  • You have write-offs of 10% to 20%, or even more and having at least 20% write-ups on every job appeals to you.
  • You feel that your Work-In-Progress and debtors is too high and you spend a fair chunk of your day (or someone on your staff does) on the phone either arguing with clients justifying your fees, writing off WIP, carrying it forward hoping to recover it in the future or chasing clients to pay you.
  • Having thousands of dollars in new fees with minimal work to generate them is something that you want.
  • Some of your clients are telling you that you are too expensive and some even  say that they can get their work done cheaper somewhere else and therefore they pressure you to reduce your fees.
  • Some clients don’t see the value in what they pay to you and you hear the statement: “My fees should be reducing every year.  Surely your staff know my work by now and should be doing it faster each year?”
  • You currently waste time and money trying to get new clients, spending thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that deliver poor results, social media posts that no-one reads or finds interesting, search-engine optimisation that makes the SEO company money not you.   
  • Cash flow at times is a struggle for your firm and being paid 100% upfront by all your clients would make your life so much better.
  • Clients don’t value what you do and you have to constantly battle with them to prove your worth.
  • You truly love the business you’re creating and are passionate about seeing it succeed–in other words, you’re in this for the long haul. BUT you want someone to lend you a helping hand who has been there and has done this and who can show you an easier way to grow your firm.
If you answered yes to any of these, here’s the first thing I want you to do: Call or email me for a no-obligation meeting to see if I can help you build the vision you've always had for your accounting firm.

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