Thursday, 31 January 2019

Watch My Latest Online Seminar - "How to Implement Value-Based Fees"

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MISSED LAST NIGHT MY FREE ONLINE LIVE WEBINAR Implementing Value-Based Fees", here is the link to the full recorded session: Learn how to get FREE MASSIVE organic growth in your accounting firm this year. Watch the video and you WILL: * Learn the Fundamentals of Value-Based Fees * Learn how to value your accounting services to maximise what you are are truly worth * Learn the difference between Value-Based Fees and Compliance Fees * Learn how to Identify the opportunity to deliver a Value-Based Fee * See Real-Life Case Studies on how to effortlessly implement Value-Based Fees in your accounting firm

You have nothing to lose except time and money in 2019 if you don't watch this.

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PAN Award