Tuesday, 3 September 2019

DON'T BE DUMB & DUMBER! - How to Sell Your Firm in the Future For A Lot More

I see it every day, owners of firms with disillusioned, tired and jaded looks in their eyes. Not knowing how or when they can sell their own accounting firm, sick of working in it and of being on the "rat wheel" they're running on every day. Then I see the disappointment when they're told how much their firm is really worth. In 2017 I sold my OWN accounting firm and because I made the strategic decision prior, to build a Value-Based Accounting Firm, I got a lot more for it then if I had done nothing. Don't risk your financial future, be smarter.

Watch this to the end and I'll show you how : https://youtu.be/ZD2b5JRbhnU

Come to my evening Knowledge Workshop and I'll show you what I did to maximise my firm's value. You have a lot to lose if you don't.

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PAN Award