Thursday, 5 September 2019

TRUST ME, I’M LYING – Whose Advice Are You Listening To?

Do you want to :
  • Get a 30% - 40% increase in your Profits this year without any extra work or more staff?
  • Achieve 30% Write Ups on all your jobs across your firm?
  • Cut back to working just 3-4 days a week in your firm?
  • Articulate your Value to your clients so that they pay you MORE, what you are really worth?
  • Stop chasing your debtors, get paid 100% Up Front gladly by all your clients?
  • Increase the value of your accounting firm each year, so that it is worth A LOT MORE when you decide to sell it?

Then you need to watch this video and start listening to me and not the so-called "experts" out there who claim they can help you with your accounting firm. You need to learn from someone who has done all this and more and not listen to those who have never owned their own accounting firm. There are too many people wearing masks who claim to know what they're talking about when it comes to implementing Value-Based Fees and growing your accounting firm. They're all frauds, fakers NOT makers. I did ALL this and more in my own accounting firm and can show you how you can do the same.

Come to my evening Knowledge Workshop and I'll show you. You have a lot to lose if you don't. 

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PAN Award